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Create a scalable private messaging application using PHP5

Most social networking sites support two types of messages: public and private messages. Private messages

Fun with HTML5 Canvas and FaceBook API

Couple of days back I am experimenting Facebook API and the HTML 5 canvas. And

A Lightweight AutoScroll to Top jQuery Plugin

Increasing your webpage usability is not that easy, you have to consider a lot of

A Complete Guide to jQuery 1.4 Selector Expressions

In jQuery, every action you want to perform requires a target element.

Creating Your Own Selector Engine – Part 2

So in last tutorial we made up some really basic mechanical stuff to get

Creating Your Own Selector Engine

Today we are going to do something different; this tutorial will be probably span in

Best Photoshop Tutorials in Creating a Realistic 3D Effect

Adding a three dimensional effect in your artwork makes the final result more realistic. In

Most Promising JavaScript Animation Library and Plugin

A showcase of the most promising JavaScript Animation Library and Plugin around the Web and

Embracing PHP 5.3 MVC with MiMViC

MiMViC is a modular and lightweight PHP 5.3+ Web application framework designed to help build

Create Social Media Icons in Pure CSS

Today I am having fun in experimenting with CSS3. I am recreating some of the

Learning Django Web Development Framework

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development