How Google Plus is Changing the Way We Search

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Google has made it a habit of changing the rules of engagement with it comes to search. SEOs who thought they had figured out Google finally, now have Google+ to contend with, because it seems, even Google’s social media platform is contributing in a big manner to the way we search.

Things are changing, but they are also getting better. Webmasters just have to figure out, how Google’s social media platform is contributing towards improving search results.

Let’s take a closer look at all that Google+ is doing to making an impact on Google’s search process. What this essentially means is that the way we search is changing and we need to understand how that is happening to make better use of Google’s search functionality.

More connection for your Business with Direct Connect

A user, let’s just say that user is you, can now move away from your Google search page to your Google+ page, with a feature called Google+ Direct. Now, why is it such a big deal when it comes to SEO? What this feature essentially does is that it acts like a bridge between Google Search and your business’s Google + page.

Your Google + business page will show up in the searches of your target audience. Although not a real game changer for now, this search integration will definitely pay rich dividends in the future. Let’s just wait and watch.

Another Online Presence for Optimization

Your Google+ business page can be optimized for your target keywords. Now, you have the option to adopt a two pronged approach towards SEO. You can optimize your website, as well as your Google+ page. What’s more, if you have done a good job of optimizing your page for the target keywords, you will find that it will show up in the search of your target audience, as a separate result, on the right hand side of their screens.

Results become More Personal

Yes, results have become more personal with the emergence of Google+ in Google search engine page results. Users now have the option to get better results that are of a more personal nature (with respect to their interests and preferences) as compared to those impersonal results that they had to sift through, many a times, to get the kind of information they are looking for.

Google throws up results that have a lot of “you” in them, because it takes your Google+ page into consideration while showing up the results. So, if you have keyed in something in the Google search box, and the algorithm finds something similar in your Google+ page, Google+ posts, Google+ circles, well then you are going to get this information first up, and then everything else.

We, looked at personal results from the ‘searchers’ point of view, but what if you are the one who wants to be ‘searched’. Well in this case, its time that you got your act together, as more and more people are going for the ‘Search plus your World’ feature, that makes search more personal than ever before.

So, what you need to do be doing is getting you business into the lives of your audience, through Google+. You need to be what they want you to be; otherwise you are not going to be up there in their personal searches.

The Google News Spotlight

For long you have wondered, what if your content, written with a whole lot of effort can go viral, without you not putting in a whole lot of effort into the proceedings. Well, that’s what Google +’s involvement in search, will help do for you.

All your content needs to be, is +1′ed and it becomes a contender for the spotlight content in Google news. The more the 1+s that you get the better your chance of the content appearing in the spotlight category of Google’s new feed. How good will that be for your online branding efforts?

But, here’s something even better, you can have it both ways; you can hope that your content is in the spotlight, or your can +1 somebody else’s content. If you do this, your profile picture will appear next to the content that you have +1’ed, which essentially means is that you get a lot of exposure for yourself and your business.

In Conclusion

Google+ and the impact that it is already having on search results is a work in progress. SEOs are still trying to demystify its impact on SERPs and how to optimize its usage for improving search results. But, there is no doubt that it will play a major role in the process of search engine optimization in the future, a future in which search results will rely heavily on social media footprints than anything else.

This post was written for by John Siebert, a Tampa web design master of the web with over 10 years experience in web marketing.

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