A Quick Look Inside the New MySpace

Dec 06, 2012 insic 0 Comment

Since the time I saw the new MySpace preview video I was looking forward to experience its new user interface. Because of its slick design and well design page elements. And I am amazed how they pull the new design that is way to far from the old user interface. I am not a MySpace user before until I have received an exclusive pre-launch invite to join the new Myspace. Here is what you can see inside the new myspace.

Registration Page

Page design is minimal with a well arrange form elements and sharp social media connect buttons.

After the form is submitted I have landed to the page where I can select which options I identify most.

Next you can add something about yourself, set a profile photo and set a profile privacy. In this page I can now see the global navigation bar, where my music queue and currently played song appears.

Home Page

Here I saw the absolute positioned sidebar where my profile photo appears and profile related navigation links which I admire the details of this elements.

Profile Page

Clicking my profile photo or the username in the global navigation bar will show my profile page. Which I can see my recent post, activities and connections. Page is can be scrolled horizontally with a beautiful parralax effect of page contents and your profile cover image.

Discover Page



Viewing Users Profile




As I write this article some of the page is down due to technical difficulties so I cannot show you more of the pages and features of the new MySpace.

One thing I observe is when reading a trending article the images is cut and the other half of the image is relocated in the next column especially if you are using small screen PC. I was wondering how this new user interface looks in a smartphones and mobile devices. I will soon try it using an Android tablet and see how it looks like and see if this design is good for the mobile users.


This is merely a first impression mostly on the design and little bit on the functionality. I found this new MySpace fun to use and makes me stays longer in a page and its worthy of my time browsing and using the app. Page loads very fast and has the user interface that is very easy to use. Thank you for reading.

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