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10 Creative Brochure Designs for Inspiration

Sep 14, 2012 insic 2 Comments

In today’s market, we can still say that brochures rather make popular marketing tools to businesses. One reason for its effectiveness is that, in this single folded sheet of paper, it can contain all necessary information a client needs to know about a company. However, some brochures fail miserably to catch its target audience. As simple mistake as a bad design and poor quality, but that’s enough to buy your brochure a passage to go directly into the trash.

It’s true though, we do it ourselves all the time, maybe sometimes. So design is pretty important, it needs to create an impression, a good one! Something that would trigger an interest from your looked-for, targeted people. Another thing is its quality. You don’t want to waste a brilliant design on poor product quality, now would you? We had to have options and business brochures printing at UPrinting provide that, as every printing company should. Aside from the five standard brochure sizes, they also do some mini brochure printing as well as custom.

We can always start from scratch if we believe ourselves capable and up to the task but if not, that’s what designers do, they’re quite very good at it and create splendid designs. On to our inspiration then, gathered below are 10 striking and attention grabbing designs to check out!

DTH brochure

by ~d-zon


by ~Nikolof


by ~almubdi

PSTI Brochures

by ~ramirezhate

TAP Report


Locke Design Brochures

by hannah brooke design


heather clark design

Physician Hearing Solutions

by Trent Powell

Civil War Trails

Robert Marshbank

Travel Abroad Brochure Design

by Katy McDonald

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  • Techie

    wow! vnice! i love the retro style mixed with modern elements! tnx for sharing!

  • Brandz

    Very creative and beautiful brochures.