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How eCommerce Plugins Can Enhance Your Business

Aug 21, 2012 insic 1 Comment

eCommerce plugins are available through many different companies providing ecommerce solutions. Shopify is one of the companies that supplies ecommerce plugins to customers. Plugins are typically free for business owners who choose to build a website with the company.

Countless other free website builders and hosting companies also supply ecommerce plugins for consumers to seeking to enhance their ecommerce website with minimal effort. Here are few examples of the types of ecommerce plugins business owners can expect to find online and how these tools can help enhance the website.

Accounting Plugins

Accounting plugins can be a lifesaver for business owners who need help keeping track of sales, taxes, profits and expenses. Plugins will automate many accounting principles for business owners. Whether integration with Freshbooks, Quickbooks or Xero is needed, accounting plugins are available to help.

These applications can save business owners time by automatically importing orders from the website and transporting the orders into a spread sheet to help with profit calculations. Tasks that once took business owners hours or days will require minimal to no effort with the help of ecommerce plugins.

Email Marketing Plugins

When customers sign up on your company’s website, customer’s information will be automatically transferred to email list management systems such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Mad Mimi. Since developing loyal customers is essential to a thriving business, these plugins are essential to helping business owners keep in touch with customers, keep track of mailing lists and run email marketing campaigns. Targeted lists can be created to prevent emails from being delivered to people who are not interested. Sales conversions can also be tracked with some plugins featured online.

Digital Download Plugins

Users selling non-tangible goods will enjoy the use of digital download plugins. Most consumers prefer the ability to download goods and have them accessible immediately. Consumers may purchase MP3s, movies, PDFs, webinars, photographs, templates and ebooks online. Digital downloads is an excellent way to boost sales. A program called Fetch is often used to host files and provide unique download links to consumers.

Affiliate and Rewards Plugins

Affiliate sales representatives are effective for generating traffic for your business. This application can reward existing customers for referrals or reward other affiliates for generating sales through their websites. These plugins are instrumental in spreading the word about a new product or service.

Use eCommerce Plugins to Enhance Your Website

Every business owner should consider ecommerce plugins to enhance their website. The plugins will increase website traffic and increase the likelihood of sales conversions. Incorporate a few ecommerce plugins and experience the difference the plugins can make.

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