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10 WordPress Themes and Plugins That Will Propel Your Blog

Aug 24, 2012 insic 6 Comments

WordPress is the dominate content management platform on the Internet, and the eclectic, vibrant community that has formed around it has created a universe of themes, plugins including Ecommerce Plugins that allow bloggers and companies to create attractive, responsive websites on which they can share their content or even sell products online.

Here are ten of the very best:

1. DePo Skinny theme

The DePo Skinny theme is an attractive, one-column theme that features a minimalist design. What separates from other one-column themes is the top section that shows a scrolling list of pictures. Those who post photographs or other graphics can use this feature to entice visitors to stick around.

2. W3 Total Cache

One of the biggest complaints about WordPress is that is can be slow to load and places high demands on a computer’s hardware. Online hosting reviews can help bloggers find hosting sites that do not punish users for excessive CPU usage. Another option is to use W3 Total Cache to store static versions of the website to ensure quick loading and low CPU demands.

3. Magic Members

WordPress does not come with privilege features. Magic Members creates transforms WordPress into a system where the website operate chooses which users have access to specific posts and pages. Magic Members also enables the use of paid-only content.

4. User Badges

Fostering interaction is a key step in developing a vibrant, dynamic community. One way to accomplish this goal is to use an achievement system that gives regular commenters badges for leaving positive comments. User Badges enables this functionality.

5. Magnificent theme

The Magnificent theme allows bloggers to transform their WordPress sites to attractive, magazine-like blogs. For those running a news site, Magnificent gives their blogs a professional appearance that will impress visitors immediately.

6. FontPress

Fonts have a dramatic effect on a website’s appearance, and FontPress allows WP users to manage their fonts easily and effectively. The right font can be the key ingredient that makes a website stand out.

7. StoreBox theme

WordPress is increasingly being used as an e-commerce platform. StoreBox provides an attractive theme that replicates the look and feel of the big names in e-commerce.

8. SocialBox

Social media and blogs are becoming more integrated tightly; the SocialBox plugins tracks social media interaction and allows bloggers to create an attention-grabbing widget that encourages visitors to share the blog with their social media friends.

9. QuForms

Forms are a feature that allow websites to collect data and input from users, but WordPress lacks internal form-creation tools. QuForms fills this need with an intuitive, powerful interface.

10. INove theme

INove providers bloggers with a clean theme that is easy to expand and customize. Those who wish to extensively customize their pages will find that INove provides a great base on which to build.

WordPress themes and plugins have the power to customize the platform to meet the demands of the blog or website. With these features, users will find WordPress to be a great CMS foundation for even some of the largest websites.

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