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UICloud – A User Interface Design Platform and Search Engine

Jul 18, 2012 insic 0 Comment

Our designer friend Jack Cai from Double-J Design introduced us this platform UICloud which is a platform and search engine for user interface (UI) designs. It collects the best UI element designs from the internet all over the world and provides a search engine for designers and developers to find required elements easily and quickly.

Nowadays, various of design projects are carrying out every day. Website, mobile apps, desktop software, all these projects need good user interface design. For developers, quality and free resources are useful. For designer, showcase their design can bring them more design projects and bigger stages. Therefore the website should benefit both developers and designers. Although similar platforms are running such as icon search engine, vector graphic library, web design gallery, etc. There are not too much about user interface designs specifically.

Here we did a quick review on this website. Basically we found out the website is clean, simple and easy to use from our first expression.



The homepage design is very simple using a Google style. This makes people feel this is a search engine immediately. A top navigation bar includes userful page links to Browse, Categories, Submit pages etc. Some search example terms are given. By clicking the example terms, it leads to a search result page directly.


Browse Page

The browse page shows all the collected designs with pagination. The quality of selected works are very good altough currently the quantity is not very large. It seems every day there are a few newly added resources. A popular tag cloud is shown as well.


A rating system is provided which clearly shows the users the popularity of each design.

Single Resource Page

Clicking the title or thumbnail takes the user to a single page which shows the preview images and details about the design including author, license information, tags, demo preview link, etc. And more importantly the download link.


Currently all selected resources are freebies. They come in different packages and formats, normally PSD designs or a pack of HTML + CSS + Javascript.

Categories Page

The last thing we would like mention is the Categories page is also provided featuring a few common design categories like Apple, Android, HTML, CSS, jQuery as well as common user interface elements (buttons, drop down, menu, etc) and the color schemes.


Design Submission

To submit a design is simple, too. A form with only a few text input needs to be filled and it will be reviewed and published subject to approval.



Overall, we feel the website is useful, simple and easy to use. What we are hoping for is more and more good designs being selected. Also the designer might want to refine their designs therefore a user login system is needed as well as a designer community.

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