Responsive Web Design: Is It Right For You?

Jul 23, 2012 insic 6 Comments

responsive web design

Not Just a Catch Phrase

There’s a lot of talk about “responsive web design” in the business and IT worlds. Is it just a buzz phrase, or something that is worth investing in?

Lacking a plan of action for a responsive business website is like signing a warrant for the slow and torturous death of everything you have worked hard for. But there are a few drawbacks to responsive web design that need to be considered before you look at investing time and money into these ventures.

The Data in the Data Plan

As the savvy business exec that you are, no doubt you’re completely aware of how mobile our society has become. If you rely on smartphones and tablets to conduct business, you’re definitely not alone there. When these devices first became universal, the problem was that traditional websites did not fit the screens; they needed to be stretched, shrunk and scrolled to be readable.

Responsive web design was created as a solution to this problem. The website company you hire can make your page automatically open up and fit every smart device, plus traditional computers and laptops, without any extra hassle. Customers often prefer this solution to the minimal app site they would have to download and install. Another bonus is that you can readily view the traffic to your site through responsive web pages.

The flip side to the coin is that, if you can’t get your web designer to apply the changes to your current site, you might have to build a new one from scratch or have a separate app site for mobile devices. These are slow to load, and SEO optimization is critical in choosing just the right keywords.

Okay, You’re In

So you’ve decided to give responsive web design a shot. What do you look for, and what do you ask for from the designer?

A really good place for more information on how to build a responsive site and to get started is This online company knows its stuff when it comes to websites. They even have a list of the top ten web hosts and their prices for services rendered. They service North America, Great Britain, and Europe, so no matter where you are in these regions of the world, you can find a web hosting service that will help you get the website you want.

You should expect the building of your new site, or the changes to your current one, to take some time. Ask yourself if you’re prepared for this and don’t have a time constraint hanging over your head. Check out examples of responsive web pages in existence already to see what the finished product will look and function like.

Sounds Good, But Can I Do It Myself?

You bet. There are many useful tutorials on how to build a responsive website that even someone with limited programming experience can follow. Doing it yourself can save you thousands of dollars, and if you’re a small business owner, that is priceless. Whether you have the skills to optimize your web page yourself or you feel more comfortable paying a professional to do it, you can’t afford to ignore responsive web design if you do business online.

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  • MicroSourcing

    Responsive web design helps your brand cast a wider net in terms of online visibility because it enables your site’s design and resolution to be compatible across platforms.

  • kamrynhughes

    In today time, mobiles have become an alternative. So the responsive web design helps us to solve many problems. It is user friendly but take more time in loading.

  • Marcus Vann

    Every website must have a mobile version that can easily be accessed by anyone using his/her smartphone or tablet, even on the go. You must create a user friendly design that will fit and easily be read by users.

  • Randy

    “if you can’t get your web designer to apply the changes to your current site”

    I agree. This is very important. I get a lot of work from taking psd to wordpress. The designers now need to be taught what will work and what won’t in responsive design.

  • Perky Seraph

    Webs designs are very useful. I agree, we can’t afford to ignore responsive web design if we do business online.

  • daniel

    Everything is going to go mobile in the near future. And not having a site that’s redy to go mobile is a huge mistake … a mistake many business owners make unfortunately.