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Today’s busy web professional is all about one thing; productivity. Whether on the train, on line in the supermarket or sitting behind a desk they are always looking to get something started, get a task finished and make their precious time count. That’s why the apps today are all about productivity. From streamlining online searches to cutting down on distractions at work you’ll find a lot to like about them because they will increase your productivity and help you get the job done. If you’re looking to boost productivity for yourself or your team click on them all and see if you find one that can help you today.


tn3Gallery – Turn your WordPress blogs into something special.

If you’re a blogger that uses a lot of pictures to tell your stories then tn3Gallery is for you. There are so many excellent functions that you can use with this WordPress plug-in that I’d have trouble mentioning all of them here. Flickr, Facebook & Picasa support, dynamic image sizing, multiple galleries and custom sized image copies are just a few of them. If you want to make your WordPress blog look absolutely stunning click on this one today and have a look. Surf to their examples page and see what I mean.

Best Feature – The free version comes almost completely loaded.

Text Expander

Text Expander – Abbreviate the terms, words and phrases you use every day.

If you’re a copywriter or spend a lot of your day writing, well, anything you know that there are many words, phrases and even sentences that you use constantly. With Text Expander you can create your own custom snippets and, when typed, the app will automatically turn that snippet into your word, phrase or even an entire sentence. Creating them is easy too, and the time you save can be substantial. If you write a lot of copy you have to check this one out.

Best Feature – Use it on all of your word programs, including email.

Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals – Professional web tools at prices you’ll love.

One of the biggest problems with ‘deal’ sites is that they usually have deals on stuff that you just don’t need. What happens next is that you spend your precious time searching and come up empty, which is never a lot of fun. At Mighty Deals they realize that you’re a busy web pro and they don’t waste your time with junk, providing instead great deals on valuable web tools that a web pro like you needs every day. Their membership is free and they send deals every day to your inbox to save you even more time.

Best Feature – Every day they have a ‘featured deal’ at a deeply discounted price.


Freepik – Free pictures, vectors and art for your websites.

Today many stories are told visually rather than verbally. If you’re telling a story visually you of course will need pictures and other visual aids, and you can get them for free at Freepik. You’ll find almost anything you need for practically any subject on their website, and their library of pics and vectors is growing daily. I did find that, on some subjects, all they had was pictures for purchase so keep that in mind, but I have also used more than a few of their fabulous free pics. If you need free photos or artwork for your sites give them a click.

Best Feature – You can submit your own pics to sell on their site.


TeamViewer – Provide remote service for your clients from any PC.

Let’s say that you have customers all over the globe and, on occasion, they need help to figure out a problem or bug in one of your programs. If you could see what they saw on their computer screen it would be immediately helpful, yes? That’s the power of TeamViewer, an app that lets you gain remote access to any computer from any other, anywhere, with very little fuss. Get instant remote support and 24/7 access to your customers, or just to your own PC at home. They have over a million subscribers so they must be doing something right.

Best Feature – There’s no software needed to quickly and easily install the program and gain access.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time – Cut down distractions, power up productivity.

One of the biggest killers of productivity on the job (any job) is distraction. The problem is, many of our distractions come directly from the same tool we’re using to get work done; our computers. Rescue Time is an app that, for all intents and purposes, polices you while you’re working to make sure you don’t get distracted. You can actually program it to keep you from going online for specific periods, and it can also track project-time spent for you. It will even measure what distractions are the worst! If you feel like you have to focus more at work (or maybe your team does) give this app a look.

Best Feature – Block the Internet for specific periods to cut out distractions completely.


Streak – Increased functionality for your email.

Email is basically a communication tool, but Streak intends to make it much more. With their app you can use your email as a tracking service to keep abreast of anything you have going on in your world, right through your email. Track reports, keep up with the status of different ongoing deals you have in the pipeline and track which email came from what source. The app also helps you organize your email and send pre-written emails at specific times of the day for maximum impact. If you wish that your email did more you should give this app a try.

Best Feature – See all the emails sent to a specific customer from your entire sales staff.

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