The Importance of Copy on Your Website

Oct 14, 2011 insic 4 Comments

Let’s say you are a super skilled web designer with a promising freelance project from a new retail store in the trendy spot of town. This isn’t your run of the mill mom-and-pop hole in the wall, it’s a post-modern furniture boutique that will rely on a well-designed website to maintain a virtual presence that matches it’s store. They want an online presence with all the works; Flash, CSS, social media links, and e-commerce. You start drooling over the prospect and creating a mock up in Photoshop. After all of the design work is complete, you notice a void; something huge is missing from your mock-up.

Without the power of words, your website can not purvey the information it needs to. You can try to add generated Latin jargon to your design, but it will often look sloppy and out of place. You don’t have to worry about being an English major or a copywriter to come up with good copy for a new website. Writing for the web is not like doing homework, people want simple and straight to the point prose. People in backgrounds such as web design, tech support, and computer programming can come up with informative and captivating web content.

Create Captivating Headlines

Happy Cog headline

The most important part of writing a blog post, article, or product description is to craft a catchy title for your work. Think of your headline as the PR ambassador for the rest of your content. Your headline will be seen in backlinks and other lists on the web that will be surrounded by competitor’s links. Make sure to write something people will want to click on.

Stick to Your Subject


After coming up with a clever headline, the body of your web content needs to have a clear and concise message. Instead of writing an essay like you would in college, write an introduction featuring a couple of sentences, followed by brief bullet points, and plenty of links to other parts of your page.

Write Like You Speak

Ernest Hemingway had some great advice for writers, “Write Drunk, Edit Sober.” When we drink a little bit, our inhibitions are greatly reduced and we say what we really think. Before you walk to your fridge to grab a six pack, remember that you still have to work. Instead of getting sloshed and become unproductive, just write what comes to mind. You can always edit unnecessary parts later.

Write with Facebook in Mind

How many times have you ever wanted to share a link through Facebook and have to explain what you are sharing by adding a detailed description to your message. When writing copy for your website, be sure to organize your content so that people who want to share your link do not have to do extra work. This will allow people to share with ease and not have second doubts about sharing spam or unreadable material with their friends.

It is also a good idea to have a quality image on every site of your page so people associate your copy with the design you just created.

By adding decent web copy to your website mock-up, you will impress potential clients by showcasing your versatility as a multi-media freelance artist.

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    You need to look at so many things while developing your website..the contents, a catchy headline, the get up or the presentation style of your website. The content or the copy of the website is the most important thing for that is what will make the difference. The blog helps us to understand the importance of content along with other things. It is really helpful! One should follow this blog creating a new website.

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    A great distillation of how to write intriguing copy.

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    My best writing is usually done in the middle of the night. Not sure why but the ideas flow like water. It isn’t excellent grammar or anything and usually requires me to go back and edit the next day.