Why Your Business Should Embrace the Virtual Office

Sep 03, 2011 insic 3 Comments

If you work in web design, there really isn’t any reason to have a traditional office space. Aside from maintaining a store front professional presence that potential clients walk in and out of, a traditional office really serves no purpose. Cloud Computing has made it possible for numerous businesses to move from high end store fronts into effective virtual offices. The top three reasons to embrace the virtual office and cloud computing include:


Rent is expensive, even in this market, and as a freelance web designer, website reseller or business owner you don’t want to waste profit on this high cost. With a virtual office using cloud computing you and your staff can literally work from anywhere, have access to all files readily, and stay connected. Why pay for an office when all you do is stare at your computer all day anyway?


A virtual office is much more easy to manage than an actual storefront. You don’t have to worry about coordinating schedules to make sure that someone is always sitting at the front desk. You don’t have to worry about cleaning personnel, general routine maintenance on the building, or being there for a delivery. With a virtual office, you can literally set up shop from your own home in your pajamas without a care in the world.


As a web designer, keeping my files as my own is highly important, especially when I am working on sites for high end personnel. With a traditional office, usually people only have desktops and laptops and a basic security software. If your computer crashes or is stolen, you lose all of your info and potentially your business. By using the cloud, you can keep all your files safe behind multiple layers of security. So even your computer crashes or is stolen, you still have access to all the files you need.

While having a nice office space or a sign above a neat flat may make you feel as though you are a successful web designer, it’s an expense you don’t need to have. In this market, saving every penny counts. Plus, using the cloud makes your business more efficient by offering greater storage, security and bandwidth. Ditch the tie, dress shirt, and stuffy cubicle, and move yourself and your employees into a virtual office. You’ll thank yourself later for the freedom it gave you.

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  • Jack

    The icons here are beautiful. So is the article.

  • Fiona

    I think the virtual office is the way to go for all small to medium sized companies, the benefits are endless, and the virtual office provides a professional appearance despite the face you may be working from home. It also allows companies with employees to work away from an office without suffering with communication difficulties.

  • Chris

    Virtual computing has become the necessity for businesses today moving away from trend. Budget, physical constraints and ease of use are the main considerations for businesses moving to virtual computing. Virtual servers increase efficiency, lower number of servers and increase resource utilization.