Cinemagraph: Jaw Dropping Sample of Animated Photographs

May 10, 2011 insic 19 Comments

Another level of art in a photography made popular by Jamie Beck. Which bring the photograph to life using good old animated GIFs. Here I listed a jaw dropping example of Animated Photographs. Are these images really moving? or it is because I am addicted to Harry Potter movies.

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  • Swapnil Sarwe

    Hi Insic,

    Nice compilation of animated images.
    I thought GIFs are gone from the WEB, but these are nice artworks with subtle animation. Luved it.

  • John Hendricks

    Nice collection of animated images u have provided in the post. Really inspiring. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kindle Review Blog

    Very nice pictures. I like it. It is very unusually.

  • John

    Pity the majority of subject matter seems to be “Hair blowing gently” or “ribbon blowing gently” or “earrings blowing gently”…

    Great execution, narrow subject though.

  • ninjacontent

    It is amazing how one can create stunning animated images using animated .gif files. Though the technology is old, you have made use of it brilliantly.

  • Jasmine

    Wow, these animated gif images are absolutely amazing! Very nice!

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  • Andy Valentine

    I LOVE this art m. Great way to reuse what was considered a dated technology and bring a new air of life to pictures. Just had a go at doing some myself. Would be great to hear what you think

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    these pic’s are amazing. nice collection.

  • Rawr

    I really liked some of them. Nicely executed. The only problem is that these can never be printed. It would be really amazing if you could think of a way to print them with the .gif effect.

  • Tefik

    “Jaw dropping”. C’mon they are just GIF’s that are all over the web. Not new anymore. Jaw dropping would be a site that doesn’t use terms like “awe inspiring, mind blowing and jaw dropping”. (sensationalism at its lowest)

  • Geoff McMahen

    This is some amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  • Poop Face

    what is this a harry potter book?

  • prollyrob

    watch out for the Ice Truck Killer!

  • Mik

    I wonder do those electronic picture frames display .gif images? If so, you could display animated pictures on the wall.

  • Oier Aso

    Nice post!. I leave you here the link of my new project “A cinemagraph per week”:
    Hope you like it! Hugs!

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  • Tech Noir

    I am in love with cinemagraphs! The ones above are absolutely stunning. Recently started a site with my own cinemagraphs and i am curious what you think of it.

    Thnx in advance!