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Very useful HTML5 App with a size of less than 10 Kilobytes

Sep 26, 2010 insic 18 Comments

Couple of weeks back launch a challenge to web developers to develop an inspiring web applications with a size of less than 10 kilobytes. In this post I will handpick an application from that event that is very useful from day to day use for web developers and designers.

Below is the list of incredibly useful applications with a very lightweight in size.

Taskboard 10k

Taskboard 10k is a light-weight on-line whiteboard for your task and notes about life, the universe and everything. It’s easy to use like a fridge door with sticky notes. You like to get things done? – Use it as a colorful todo list. Are you an agile enthusiast? – Turn in into kanban or scrum board.


Want to give some design feedback on a site? You can, with TinyBounce! Grab a screenshot of a website, add notes to it, then save your feedback and send the link to your friends. TinyBounce is the smaller, sleeker little brother to Bounce (


Pintura – A tool for creating color schemes (analogous, monochromatic, triadic, tetradic or complementary). Use the canvas color wheel to select a base color or enter an hex code. The URL reflects the #created_scheme. Share it on twitter or save it in your bookmarks for future reference.


Unforgetit – A simple alarm and reminder app. Different alarm types allow for flexible time input and one-time or recurring reminders. Don’t worry about being offline or leaving the page. Everything is available offline thanks to local storage.


Need some inspiration? Create a moodboard ! Collect images from the web on a paginated moodboard to help your creative process and brainstorming.

Full Schedule

Full Schedule is a simple app that records the tasks you do everyday. It’s generic enough to be used for work, chores, workouts, whatever needs to be recorded. Plan schedules in the future or reference the past. Each week comes with it’s own graph. Export your data and share with others!


Colorist determines the color palette from the given image. Useful to generate color palettes for you design based on photos.

Plan5 – HTML5 Task Organizer

Plan 5 is a task organizer / planner / timer. It can be used as Pomodoro technique timer and task inventory, as a standard time tracking tool, or without time tracking to manage to-do lists across multiple projects. It also keeps a log of completed tasks, time spent and date completed.


Mocker is a simple tool to mock-up websites. Saving/exporting & preview did not make the size limit!

Playsticky lite

Playsticky lite is a sticky notes web application. Also work in iPhone.


Chroma is a simple 10112 bytes web app to display color shades. Enter the hex code or use the canvas color wheel! Perfect for sharing your favorite colors (the URL reflects the #selected_one) Mobile version also available.


TaskForce is a slick app to help you monitor tasks in a maximum concentration. Estimation is a key. Push those small pesky tasks into next 2 hours and make them done.

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