Astonishing Landscape Photographs of Our Planet Earth

Apr 22, 2010 insic 79 Comments

Today we are celebrating Earth Day so I have collected a beautiful landscape photographs for you to see the beauty of our planet Earth.

Far And Away


Blue canary

The View




Thors’ Well

Northern Light

Black Sunshine

Song of tide


Winter Sentinels

Scrabo Tower

Sea Power



Canyon storm

Clouds over lake Naivasha

All Alone


Manhattan bridge

van Gogh lightning on a autumn morning

Rice Terrace

Cold Night

Rushing Water

Malham Mornings

Gorpley spring


Dreamy landscape

Tulip Time II

New Brighton

WOW! so beautiful, wish I could have a chance to go all of that place.

Turn your magnificent photographs into photo magnets.

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  • Hermitbiker

    …. utterly amazingly incredibly fantastic photographs and a great showcase too !!

  • Pixel Assasin

    Amazing landscapes. Our planet is indeed beautiful.

    • Gdawg Steppin

      It’s the most beautiful planet I’ve been to

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    I love this post! Incredible pictures! Amazing point of view! Thanks for the sharing

  • Jwen

    I love the picture posts… i love seeing beautiful places and of course the nature itself… Keep up the good work… to all your image posted it’s certainly “2 thumbs up”…

  • Mars

    simply amazing photograph

  • Carolyn B. Cooling

    Stunning pictures. The epitome of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.

  • Jay Martin

    Amazing collection! Thanks for sharing.

  • Henry

    Absolutely amazing! Think Misty is my favourite.

  • pakaworld

    This is just 100 per-cent work. Beautiful pictures,clear and net.I just love pictures that tell a good story about this earth. Brove for that.

  • nopp

    what is first photo(Far And Away)…??

  • Fagot

    That’s awesome. That’s why it’s better to save our plenet!
    Stunningly beautiful

  • SushiTail

    Fascinating! Photographs like these bring people together to share and preserve the beauty of this planet.

  • emily

    amazing pics

  • Christopher

    These pictures made my heart jump! The earth that we live on is mind shatteringly gorgeous ! Thank you whoever posted these.

  • hassan

    i am surprised totaly i love it.keep it up.

  • Adrian Spencer

    Love these, especially Rice Terrace. What a great use of light and composition.

    • hg jjlkjbjlbf


  • avadhut.k

    Really Best pictures I liked those!!!

  • Ariss

    C’est très beau ! La création est très belle…

  • Nuka Maternity

    Absolutely amazing images! Thanks for sharing

  • Kayode Ajayi

    This Wow! Wish I could visit such places and take my own picture. Its amazing.

  • J.K.Kuriyan

    Really breath taking photographs.

  • http://AstonishingLandscapePhotographsofOurPlanetEarth D. Rita

    Your photographs are simply beautiful. Our Planet is truly a gem. Your art…captures
    every pixel of beauty. I would sure love to see it in person…the places of such beauty.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Alison Yule

    Wonderful images, plenty of inspiration for textile design! Thanks for sharing.


  • sujith kumar.r

    Thanks for sharing, Simply amazing!!! only a photographer can understand the pains taken…Keep up the good work.

    sujith kumar.r

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  • HennyPenny

    Winter Sentinels appeals to me the most. The others are just as awesome though.

  • Arun

    Simply Awesome and nice photography too, but I prefer untouched shots rather than polished Images.

  • Omar Tringali

    Thanks, a Divine y spectacular pics :D

  • Aziz Ünsal

    Astonishing photos, thanks for sharing! They are really awesome and breathtaking photos.
    These photos encourage me to work harder and take better photos ;)

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  • Dan

    They may be good photos but without identifying geographical information they are useless.

    • Sue Ann

      There may have been a kinder way to ask for that information. Here, let me try:
      “Your photos are indeed very good. Would you honor us with geographical information along with each photo, please?
      Thank you very much for the extra effort.”

  • Saugata

    Superb Snapshots. The photographs induces an eternal serene feeling.

  • Vinod Mehta

    Someone out there must be pretty serious about photography to take such breathtaking photos of mother earth. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  • Joey Dispo

    Really amazing photos, thanks for sharing! :)
    My favorite is Thors Well. Incredible setting and atmosphere!

  • Agus Siswoyo

    Amazing photos…!
    I love them…!

  • teresa

    I absolutely love them all it is very hard to find a favourire one, they all give you an amazing feeling of peace and of being one with nature.
    Thanks soooo much for sharing and please keep it up.

  • frank

    abdolutely beautiful

  • 4MIN

    And who said that there is no paradise on earth?

  • Bonnie

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. there are a few places on there i wish i could be forever!

  • Marc

    Lots of very creative lighting and filters long exposures. Wonderfully inspiring.

  • 4MIN

    Just revisited this photo again, very much influenced by them at me. Beauty indescribable!

  • @baldheadmedia

    wonderfull showcase of moments that reminds us just how amazing ourworld is! Thanks!

  • Coastal Retreats

    You’ve put together an inspirational and awesome collection. Not a bad ‘filler’ amongst them. I love all especially the seascapes

  • Andrea

    I loved the lapsed photography that made it look so awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are an inspiration.

  • Mark Barry

    Amazing and inspiring photography.

  • Melodian

    There is no denying that these are strikingly beautiful creations, but is it a coincidence that they all appear to be HDR images? If so, they should be identified as such so that the average photographer doesn’t expect to capture similar shots with simply a fortunate combination of the right light, exposure, and framing. HDR compositing takes a lot of post-production work, and my concern is that if this process becomes the new “standard” by which photos are judged as being artistic, then “normal” photography will eventually come to be seen as outdated and inferior by comparison.

    That aside, these images are nevertheless stunning works and I applaud their creators.

    • Jacob

      As a photographer that has been somewhat resistant to “HDR,” I share the same concerns.

      Another concern of mine is that while, yes, these are beautiful places, and yes, very beautiful pictures, will being at the place ever be as beautiful as these HDR pictures? Probably not.

      My interest in photography, and art in general, has always been in capturing the beauty of what’s around us, even though it is never attainable.

      Obviously, with technology, the standard is changing. However, you will never be able to stand under the Manhattan Bridge, look at it at that angle, and think it looks as beautiful as it does here.

      So my point is that with pictures like these shown (all due respect to the photographers’ technical and inherent skill) that this type of “art” enhances nature rather than imitates and projects it, which, maybe this makes me old, is not something I’m comfortable with.

  • Hinh anh dep

    Awesome photos, I love all of these stunning photos!!!

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  • http://[email protected] m myers

    All of these pictures are stunning, more than mere words can explain. My favorites are the view, it reminds me of where I live, Coldnight(the tent), Gorpley Spring Misty and Untitled(I don’t understand). Someone is a very more than good photographer. Keep doing what you are good at.

  • http://[email protected] marilyn

    truely amazing,what is the goegraphical information?? I like the view it reminds me of where I live and Coldnight(the tent) and Untitled. Keep up in the photorgraphic field. good use of pixel space.

  • Travel With a Mate

    Wow. Some stunning landscape shots there! A great collection. Very inspiring for any travel and landscape photographer. Thanks!

  • Tina

    Inspirational. gives me hope that one day…

  • Ko

    very impressive, a pleasure to see the very unique scenery’s. thank you for the pleasure of viewing.

  • Dee

    Very impressive I love looking at all of those photos it make my day!

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for posting these beautiful images! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day! For those of you who have not heard of him, check out Peter Lik he takes amazing landscapes:

  • OSC

    I do really enjoy looking at this magnificent


  • George Birbilis


  • charles binns landscape photography

    These are stunning images. Thank you for posting!



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  • Landscape Photographer Chester Tugwell

    Simply gorgeous!

  • Chris Miller

    These are all great, I really like the photograph July

  • sir jorge

    that’s an incredible set of photos

  • health tips blog

    Vow! What a photograph it is? I am really flabbergasted. Thanks for this wonderful experience.

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  • Richard Arran Landscape Photography

    Wonderful collection of images.

  • Barsha

    All places are very beautiful and my favorite is “July”

  • Mandar Katdare

    Long exposure rocks!!!!

  • Toko Pancing Online

    Wooow awesome
    Great pictures

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  • KM

    Really impressive pictures.

  • BBakeca

    Wow! Amazing photos!