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20 Cool Free Digital Fonts

Apr 27, 2010 Peter Olexa 9 Comments

If you are looking for that sci-fi look or simply work on a design related to technology, digital fonts are the way to go. They may not be the easiest fonts to read, but when someone sees the typeface it’s clear right away what is the design all about. I went thru 100s of digital fonts and put together a list of the best 20. All these digital fonts below are free ;). Enjoy!

01 Digit

Dot Font Eng



Round Regular

Arcade Classic



Dot Matrix Bold

Dot Matrix 7


DT 104

Fifteen Okay


Loud Noise

Mobile Man


Superpoint Rounded

Electron 8f

UP Tiny lcd four 8

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About the author: Peter Olexa

Peter Olexa is a freelance graphic designer born in Bratislava, Slovakia. He has over 15 years of experience in corporate identity and web site design.