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Freebie: 96Degree WordPress Theme

Mar 26, 2010 insic 59 Comments

It has been a while since I released my very first free WordPress Theme (INSIC WP). And thanks some people like it. Now I want you to meet 96Degree, my second WordPress theme available for free.

To cut the chase, view the theme in action.

Short Documentation

Theme Option page screenshot

click image to see actual size.

1. Setting up the blog section.

  1. Create a new category, say for example “Blog” or whatever you prefer. Create a new child category under your blog category say for example “News”, “Tutorials”, “Freebies” blah blah blah.
  2. Assign a post to the new category you have created. When writing a new post for your blog always select a parent category and a child category under it.
  3. Got to 96Degree Theme Options -> Look for the blog settings section and select the parent category you have created for your blog, then save.

For the post thumbnails: Add a custom field name it “thumbnail” (without the double quote). Then put the absolute URI of the image you want to appear as post thumbnail.

Post Excerpt: It is also required in every post in your blog. Add a brief description for your post.

2. Setting up your homepage.

For the welcome message.

  1. Go to 96Degree Theme option in your admin panel.
  2. Fill in the fields in the Home Page Settings section.
    1. Welcome Title = is the big heading message in the homepage.
    2. Welcome Message = is the text below the big heading message in the homepage.
    3. Download Button Link = the absolute URI of a link you preferred.
    4. Demo Button Link = the absolute URI of a link you preferred.

3. Setting up the Three Boxes in your homepage

  1. Create a new post. Assign it to any category aside from your blog category.
  2. Add a custom field named it to “block” (without the quote). Put “1″ for the post you want to appear in the first box, “2″ for the second box and “3″ for the post in third box
  3. Add an excerpt in every post.

4. Setting up the sidebar/footer widgets

  1. Go to Appearance -> widgets in your admin panel.
  2. You will see a two sidebar widgets section the footer and the Blog sidebar.
  3. Look for a custom widgets named “96Degree Footer”. Add this to the footer section.
    1. Title: = is for the widgets title.
    2. Icon URL: = is the absolute url for 48×48 icon that appears at the left side of your title.
    3. Text: = this is where you put your content of your widgets (in the demo this is where I put the dummy content and contact details of the support).

Use this theme for free in any type of site whether it is commercial or personal. This theme is licensed under creative commons.

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Creative Commons License
96Degree by insicdesigns is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Philippines License.Based on a work at

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