Awe-inspiring Digital Art & Illustration

Mar 13, 2010 insic 90 Comments

This is third part of my weekly design inspiration featuring the best digital illustration around the web. The following list of arts are well detailed and high quality masterpiece of its respective artist that will make you say wow!

New Frontiers


Three Kingdoms-Zhang Chun Hua



The Workstation


Market mood painting


The Nutcracker

The City-painted

Big Bad Bunny Eater


Kill The Spider

Don’t be afraid

Around the world

Women Riders



Big Mouth

Naturally Create

Autumn Herald

Street ScreenShot


Drug Free Zone

Desecrated Source of magic


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  • Omar

    Think of how many countless hours of work has gone into each and every one of these works of art.. it boggles my mind

    • irishjap

      GODDAMN!! You are so talented. Love it

  • Hermitbiker

    …. fantastic and very inspiring digital illustrations all collected here at “InsicDesigns” !!

  • love2spooge

    Big bad bunny eater FTW! :D

  • Richie

    Wow…. Fantastic collection. Those anime characters just blow me away!

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  • RJ Evans

    What a wonderful collection.I think my favourite one is HR Nin although they are all superb.

  • sampath

    Very nice pictures !!!

    I am wondering which too has use to create those.

    Anyone can imagine it ?

  • Sepp

    Really impressive collection! I like the Big Bad Bunny Eater.

  • tom

    does the image arrive all at once or in parts? what is the central thought facet that determines the rest? are colors added later?

    what is imagination?

  • Ned Harkey


  • Mohit

    Its really great work. I am still thinking how much time it would have taken to make it such nice one.

  • jimbonics

    HR NIN is tops!

  • Dzinepress

    really beautiful illustration art in this amazing article.


    Awesome! Good collection! Add to my preferite this link! More images are so amazing!

  • hidden object games

    excelent artworks, some of them are very suitable for different games.. :)

  • Pranav Ainavolu

    Wow…. lovely collection!

  • leon

    amazing i want to print all of them for my office it legal?

    • insic

      If you purchase the for print copy of the artwork, Yes it is legal. :)

      • leon

        will do

      • insic

        Great! just follow the image links.

  • jo jmatic

    Great! The “Big Bad Bunny Eater” is great. :)

  • adonis

    nice job, conguratulations,

  • Donna

    I become a fan of art & designs. From where you take these inspirations.

  • Cre8ive Commando

    Wow! Some great work here. My fave is the mosquito one :-)

  • Neo

    Wow, thanks for the collection. Postman and the Dali-esque City Painted are superb. Actually they’re all beyond belief

  • Schahryar Fekri

    Kool, i like them …

  • Fauzul

    Simply amazing.

  • konstnaerlig

    Amazing collection. The big bad bunny eater is my favourite.

  • iAbbas

    Stunning work of Art. Some of these just make me lost :O .. like the market mood one, i just want to go and live inside that painting world :O

  • Coastal Retreats

    Feel like you can reach in and touch, great collection

  • angelwest000

    words escape me on how great these are.

  • Dave Elliott

    Gotta love that Artgerm!! Great selection of artwork.

  • Benjamin Koshkin

    Really nice digital artwork.

    Benjamin Koshkin

  • karen

    Wow, these are amazing such wonderfully bright colours. I think my favourites are New Frontiers and Nimue

  • Tina

    Wow I’d love to have apeek into your mind.. The postman made me lol, but they are all truly ‘inspirational’

  • Ben Koshkin

    Really cool designs.

    Ben Koshkin

  • jeff

    Fantastic collection!!! Amazing imagination, and a ton of patience.

  • Maniyeri


  • Amit Saini

    Wow. what a beautiful art, the creator is very intelligent & creative person. keep it up

  • Artocraft
  • syncdatabit

    Your designs are really breath-taking!

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  • njmehta

    Looks very good. These illustrations are incredible.

  • Fun Spill

    awesome!! nice may also want this collection:

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  • ide to sata

    Very impressive.

  • Doktorlar

    Looks Very Good!..

  • Designs Mag

    This is really awesome

  • Boost Inspiration

    Nice collection of digital art illustrations

  • Otli

    I like the “Big Buddy Eater” and “The Postman”. COOL.

  • Jimmy

    Great stuff! Really awesome! Kill the Spider and the Mosquito are truly unique. Keep up the good work. Check out my blog, too , if you want and find me on FB too.Peace.

  • Tony Lukasavage

    Very cool collection. I particularly liked the “Jane” submission.

  • Pedro Hazza

    woahh thats awesome

  • lived

    Really nice desing.. I like a lot, is so crazy…

  • funvblog

    Simply awesome collection of digital art

  • Michael

    Great artwork, I do digital artwork my self.
    I have an account on
    If you would like to see my art.

  • Mackenzie

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • LydiaZ

    IT was impressive art work,simply creative,
    eyes catching, damn it can i be one of your students…:P LONG LIFE IN THZ CR3ATIVE WORLD!!

    • Sav

      This person didn’t draw these. They merely posted them up. I can see Bobby Chu, Diane Ozdamar, Feimo, Stanley Lau.

  • Angie

    Awesome collection. The bunny eater made me laugh!
    Totally cool!

  • black beards ghost

    avast there be a treasure of creativity here. very awesome, liked the spider one.

  • website86

    Its very colorful..:-)

  • Tantra_Mantra

    Excellent…Fantastic work!!!

  • MediaGrump

    I love the color combinations! Beautifully done!

  • dragon

    great artworks!

  • Quang Le

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • Patricia Galvis

    Super nice!! congratulations. I like it.

  • mando distancia

    Found your site on stumble upon…

    Really nice work here..

  • Rod Blakeman

    Really nice, especially of the ladies, Try putting Mucha into Google images search

    Mucha – Czech Artist 1860 – 1939


    Very creative one..I dearly love it..!

  • Pielius

    Excellent work !

  • panda

    women riders looks a lot like paintings from the online game Conquer Online

    great work ! i love each and everyone of them

  • la Posicionamiento de web

    Wow…love this pictures so much…especialy the dreamland one…Please keep posting work like this

  • CSSensei

    Way too cool

  • James M Singleton

    Love those colorful animated pictures.

  • Ben

    Can they share some of there awesomeness skills with me

  • Alan

    This has loads of awesome surrealistic illustrations that just immerse you in a whole different world. Here is some more inspirational artwork you should check out:

  • holzgrill

    Fantastic works.
    I want to see more

  • Mark

    Wow, love the style and detail that was put into each and every one of these. I can’t imagine the amount of hours that was used to make 1 of these.

    Great work keep it up.

  • Donne Cesena

    Wow! Very Very Cool;)

  • julie

    Thanks for taking the time to share these awesome works of art

  • Akash Pandya

    they are all superb.

  • Steven

    Really impressive collection of digital art

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  • Dehkhodfa1

    Beautiful works Thanks

  • mike

    that’s beautiful job congratulation ilove it

  • Guest

    I love it!

  • J.Shumi

    I have great obsession with illustrated artwork but unfortunately I am not good enough on this. But seeing such amazing works get inspired to try my hand on this.