101 Tips to become a popular blogger

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Lately, I’ve been wondering what it really takes to become a popular blogger. Is it a fair luck game or is it that only people who can push in lots of capital can become famous.

I’ve been searching for answers for almost two years now. Here are some of the quickest and most adorable answers I found. The ideas are taken up from a lot of blogs around the web and I am indebted to those blogs for being there. They have changed my life forever.

Follow these 101 tips and you’ll master the art of creating popular blogs. The techniques are around and have evolved all these years. This is the right time to learn the real meaning of blogging and how to stand out as a blogger.

I’ve also listed some of the most wonderful blogs that I read everyday. Visit them and learn for yourself that techniques described in 101 lists are actually put into practice by these blogs.

Philosophies First

1. Keep patience with blogging – nothing happens instantly
2. Do your best every time – no matter what time it takes
3. Don’t quit – If you quit, you’ll never know how far you could have reached
4. If you don’t know something, learn it.
5. Keep changing from time to time – adopt with latest things around the web
6. Constantly work upon improving your blog

Basics Things to Follow

7. People won’t read your blog because you write it – provide content
8. Stick to a specific topic
9. Reply and connect to commentators
10. Illustrate your post with creative commons images from Flickr, Photobucket etc…
11. Don’t write what is already written – link to it.
12. Don’t worry about what blogging software you are upon – readers don’t mind it as long as you have something interesting to say
13. Add a RSS subscription link to your blog

Get some easy traffic

14. Subscribe to blogs related to your niche
15. Be the first to comment on blogs related to you
16. Connect with other bloggers via Email, Twitter, Facebook whatever.
17. Submit your blog to blog directories
18. Ping your blogs with ping-o-matic
19. Use tags in your blog – Technorati and IceRocket tags work best

Your blog design

20. Keep your blog design as simple as possible
21. Make your blog design easy to navigate
22. Provide easy subscription and sharing options
23. Get a recent comment widget for your blog
24. Add a related post widget below every post – try free LinkWithin service
25. Make commenting easy and connective – Disqus and IntenseDebate are some free commenting systems you should give a try.
26. Make your navigation tabs as less categorized as possible.
27. Use eye friendly fonts and background colours
28. Get a translation widget for your blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

29. Don’t write posts for Search Engine Optimization
30. Find a keyword people are searching for a specific thing
31. Genuinely link back from to your blog
32. It’s okay to link your blog posts wherever possible
33. If you have a Squidoo lens or Hubpages or Articles, link them to your blog
34. Submit articles to Article Directories
35. Create another relative blog from where you can link to this blog


36. Turn your blog into a brand name – be unique in your niche
37. Market your blog in your niche market first
38. Give away a goodquality eBook or something valuable for free!
39. Generate valuable stuff for people time to time
40. Encourage your visitors to share your gift
41. If you are an expert at something, teach your readers

Powerful blog promotion

42. Write guest posts on popular blogs
43. Allow free advertisement to other bloggers

Social bookmarking

44. Join Stumbleupon or Digg or Delicious
45. Make friends and favour their submissions by either stumbling or digging them
46. Submit all your blog posts links to
47. Get your detailed bio on such websites with a backlink to your blog
48. Be genuine always, stumble and Digg what is really worth digging up.
49. Interact with other Stumblers, Diggers and stay in constant touch
50. Ask established Stumblers and Diggers to submit your blog

Real things to do

51. Publish a real hardcover book (ZehHabits)
52. Give presentations about your work (Seth Godin)
53. Do street shows (Katie Soloker)
54. Create and give free wallpapers for your readers
55. If you can code, design a blog theme for either WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger
56. Create an online product that helps people in some way (Problogger)
57. Write articles for a newspapers or magazines
58. Interview people in your niche and publish their views for others
59. Help a cause
60. Start something tangible in context to your blog

Useful Services

61. Use twitter – Follow people in your niche and interact with them
62. YouTube – Publish interesting videos and your reader community will grow big
63. Scribd – submit your aricles, stories, research etc with a backlink to your blog to this popular document sharing site
64. Facebook – make a Facebook page for your blog, grow a community
65. Google Friends Connect – A useful service to grow a community for your blog. Similar to Facebook but a bit less interactive.

Talk with other Bloggers

66. Make genuine friendship with other bloggers
67. Give them advice
68. If you feel, openly ask for advice
69. If you’ve some product to release, show and test them with your blogger friends first
70. If you link to some page, tell it to the owner
71. Appreciate a good post through comments
72. Link to their blog from yours and share traffic

Good content

73. Writer’s block is just a state of mind
74. Read other bloggers, rethink their content and express your ideas
75. Join Plinky to get daily interesting post ideas
76. Search for good content ideas on Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Google News and other similar blogs
77. Start writing anything and ideas will turn back to you.
78. Stick to your topic as long as possible
79. Depict on your personality in posts
80. Don’t include paid links in your blog
81. Don’t write product reviews for the sake of money
82. Give an attractive heading to your post titles
83. End your post with some good quotes, remarks, question or challenge.
84. Let people guest post on your blog

Blog personality

85. Make your blogging sound personal to your readers
86. Reply to as many email as possible
87. Include your email address on your blog
88. Let your blog merge with your personality. Include your blog address in your web signatures
89. If your blog has grown big enough, create a virtual tour to make readers start reading. (See Blogger Buster tour)
90. Create jump links to important, interesting pages on your blog
91. Dump all your creativity in your blog

Community Hacks

92. Respect the community in your blog
93. Openly offense things you dislike or you don’t agree with
94. Keep researching the blogosphere all the time
95. It’s okay to earn money from your blog – show ‘relevant’ advertisements
96. Use Google Alerts and Google Blog Search for topic trends

Society at Large

97. Nothing that doesn’t work for society gets popular
98. Contribute something worthwhile for public
99. Find a problem in your niche and solve them for people at large
100. Don’t work for money, work for the love of blogging
101. Only two things can make your blog popular. Do something that makes their lives easy or something that entertains them through your blog.

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