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Mind-blowing JavaScript Experiments

Feb 05, 2010 insic 98 Comments

The following JavaScript experiments demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the modern browsers such as Chrome and Safari. In this post I will showcase to you an array of experiments that will surely blows your mind off.

Most of the following runs best in Chrome or Safari.

1. Twitch

TWITCH is a series of minimal games within small Chrome windows. How fast can you solve them all? Each game only responds to clicking; mouse position and keyboard are ignored.

Can you stay on the perilous belt? Can you accurately aim the booming cannon? Can you navigate through the electric pyramids? Can you solve the eerie labyrinth?

See it in action and enjoy

2. Browser Ball

Browser Ball attempts, with only moderate success, to allow the configuration of a seemingly endless array of continuous spaces using multiple overlapping browser windows. Within this multivariate space, users are invited to toss a beach ball both hither and yon.

Toss it!

3. Ball Pool

Start by shaking the browser, then create new balls (click on empty space), move some others (drag) and reset the screen (double click).

See it in action

4. Google Gravity

“Everything that goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that’s down can come up.”

This applies in the Google main page. Play with the elements and try to search on anything. It’s fun.

See it in action

5. Depth of Field

300 balls form a plane, a cube, a little universe, a sphere and then disappear. Amazing!

See it in action

6. Wavy Scrollbars

Touch scrollbar thumb to make waves. Based on verletphysics library by toxi.

See it in action

7. Sketchpad

Sketchpad is a drawing/painting application developed in pure HTML and Javascript. It includes a number of Drawing Tools — including: Text, Shape, Spirograph, Brush, Calligraphy, Pencil, Paint-Bucket, and Stamp. It also includes a few generic Drawing Utilities — including: Marquee, Crop, Eraser, and a HSL/RGBA Color-Picker.

Try it yourself

8. JS Wars

JS WARS is a classic shoot em up written to demonstrate the power of modern web browsers.

Shoot them all!

9. Vectomatic

Vectomatic is a vector graphics editor: you create drawings by freely combining shapes, curves and segments and modifying their geometric and visual properties. At this stage the project is just a demo to explore the feasibility of a full-featured online graphics editor a la Google Docs.

See Application in action

10. JS Fireworks

Write a message, then launch fireworks over London to show your message in the sky. A shortened link to your fireworks message is provided, to post to Twitter, Facebook or other.

Try It!

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