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Free Elegant Icons for your next Design

Feb 11, 2010 insic 7 Comments

Adding icons to your design make it looks more elegant and usable. I will showcase to you an array of personally handpick elegant icons available for free.

Origami by Double J Design

Shiny by Double J Design

Basic Set by pixel-mixer

Free Vector Social Media Icon Set by ndesign-studio


Kiwi by iconblock

Quartz by graphicrating

OSE PNGs by gakuseisean

Mono Icons by Tutorial9

Letter Pressed Icons by creativenerds

Social Media Icon pack by nouveller

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  • maya(animacia)

    nice collections :)


    Really nice collection. Many different design for everything type of graphic. Useful. Thank you so much for this sharing.

  • Hermitbiker

    …. a really good collection of free icons for that special design project…. Brukhar at PresidiaCreative shared your site with me…. so now I’m subscribing to your RSS feed too, thanks “insic” for creating your design blog !!

  • Ermil

    Very nice set of very nice icons! Nice and clean. Thx for this icons

  • Design Dazzling

    wow … this is an amazing collection for designers .. i specially like social media icons … thanks for sharing this

  • Hypesol

    really an elegant collection you share with us

  • Vtunnel

    Every designer do need these top Icon designs. Good helpful sharing thanks for it.