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12 Beautiful Free Fonts

Feb 10, 2010 Peter Olexa 2 Comments

Are you looking for some interesting fonts suitable for a logo design or your new website? Take a look at these beautiful free fonts you can download and use on your creative projects. I did a short review of each font below. Enjoy!

VTKS Rock Garage Band

VTKS Rock Garage Band is a fancy mixture of alternative rock style with Halloween elements. Strongly distorted letters with an extraordinary design of serif elements create a very strong impression. Some letters are almost completely filled with color, while others look eroded or bleached.

HVD Peace

HVD Peace is a fancy free font with strong erosion effects. All the characters look very solid. Generally, this font resembles a stencil very much, or an old stencil in particular, with damaged or torn edges.

Happy Days

Happy Days is a fun, light, and amusing free font, belonging to the category of serif fonts. The combination of rounded lines and shapes with the sharp serifs creates a unique look and feel of Happy Days font.


Tiza is a substantial-looking free font. It is characterized by solid and eroded lines. With both Basic and Supplemental Latin character maps, this font suits well the texts requiring special accented letters and symbols.

Jellyka Castle’s Queen

Jellyka Castle’s Queen is a professional-looking calligraphy script with vivid signs of hand-writing. Text displayed in this font looks close to hand-drawn sketches, but this only adds special chic to this free calligraphy font.

Androgyne Medium

Androgyne Medium is a free font, which is categorized as a comic font. However, it is designed in a reserved way, so it will always be easy to read the text displayed with this font. Clear and solid lines with slightly rounded endings create pleasant general look of this free font.

Stamped DSG

If you like stamp-style fonts, Stamped-DSG is definitely worthy of your attention. Every individual character is displayed against a black square box. Though backgrounds, as well as characters, are distorted and eroded.


BlackCasper is a funny free font. Every character looks really unique, which creates the feeling that the text is just an applique made of different newspapers and magazines cuttings.

A Lolita Scorned

Small but multiple curls on each character and multiple paint droplets – these are the characteristic features of A Lolita Scorned free font. Being nominated as a comic font, A Lolita Scorned looks a bit too hairy to me.

Jellyka – Estya’s Handwriting

Jellyka – Estya’s Handwriting – this is a very professional and nice-looking free font. It is not calligraphy, but a general handwriting style, most people use in their everyday life activities. It is interesting to note, that this font supports Cyrillic alphabet, as well as Basic Latin characters.

HVD Bodedo Medium

For the fans of eroded fonts, HVD Bodedo is another chance for creative experiments. The font looks like the usual Times New Roman, but only with more solid and much more eroded lines. In general, the font looks interesting, solid, but not overloaded.


UglyQua – by definition this font cannot be nice-looking. It suits best Halloween postcards or stories about witches. UglyQua is characterized by distorted lines, but with no grungy backgrounds. Lowercase and uppercase characters, as well as numbers and punctuation marks, are included into the font’s character map.

About the author: Peter Olexa

Peter Olexa is a freelance graphic designer born in Bratislava, Slovakia. He has over 15 years of experience in corporate identity and web site design.


    Nice collection. Some fonts are really good Jellyca is my preferite. Download!Now! Thank you for this post! Useful!

  • Minuscurl

    really good fonts list, thx :) and Enjoy the inspiration ;)