New Web Design Trend: Big and Beautiful Header

Jan 28, 2010 insic 9 Comments

Web design trend: Big and beautiful header

Web design trend is constantly changing and improving. In this year 2010, new web technology is uprising, not to mention the CSS3 and HTML5. There are influencing most of the web designers to make web more beautiful. As we have noticed text dropshadows, transparency, rounded corners, textures, big background and headers are one of the most common effects that can be seen in new websites as of today.

Here in this post I will be showcasing an array of sites that has big and beautiful headers.












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  • olybop

    Some header are already seen but it’s a great selection for inspiraton,

  • insic2.0

    @olybop are fit in this post. nice site you have.

  • remonatrix

    Wow – puts my header to shame !

    I will most certainly hound my designer and let him know we need to move.

    The world of the web is big – vast and speedy …

    Web 2.0 is almost a thing of the past – certainly transforming into a thing of the future …

    Nice selection … I’m hooked on the site …

  • Dinesh

    Yes! Great collection for inspiration. I think the header design is widely concern with nature of the website. Does this suited to Microsoft or Apple? most of the information gets hidden under screen due to big headers. m not against the big header design they looks cool but only where it suits. wt u say?
    …welcome to my blog…


    WOW, good post. Some work are little masterpiece like, and my preferite ndesign-studio. Thanks for the sharing insic. Have a great week!


    I sending you a link to a nice Italian graphic portal with a nice header: :) So interesting.
    bye bye!

    • insic2.0

      yeah it’s cool. :) Thanks!

  • BigM75

    schöne headers, nur schade das es immer die selben sind die man in designerseiten sieht. es gibt so viele schöne seiten vielleicht sollte man den blickwinkel erweitern um auch auf andere seiten zu aufmerksam zu machen um so die inspirationen zu erhöhen

  • web design

    wow brilliant designs.. thank your for sharing. One of the most important parts of the website is the header because this is what the visitor will see first. keep sharing