Featured Filipino Artist: Chad Manzo

Jan 31, 2010 insic 14 Comments

Lately I have decided to open a new topic in my blog which showcases the Filipino talent in the field of art and design. To make a start of it, I am featuring the artworks of Chad Manzo. Chad Manzo is an extremely talented graphic artist and illustrator from Cebu City. His works focus more in T-Shirt designs and print media. He is more popular in his alias as “Techisoba”. And often described himself as a graphic artist by day and musician by night. Yes, he is a musician too. Now here is some of his arts.

The Golden Ratio

The Universe in 2 Coats

I hate Rabbits

The Quick Brown Fox

CD Covers

T-Shirt Designs

Check out more of his works here.
Chad Manzo Personal Blog

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  • Adam


    Funny thing about your featured artists… his logo seems VERY similar to the Cartoon Network’s logo. In fact… I think it IS the very same logo.

    • insic2.0

      isn’t it cool?

  • Adam

    I don’t think so. That is considered Trademark Infringement, which is illegal!

    • insic2.0

      What’s so serious Adam? He did the logo for fun.

  • arnold

    Wow very cool…
    I like the execution of his style ,
    especially with this one

    im filipino btw, thanks for the inspiration

    • insic2.0

      Yes indeed his style is unique.

  • BigM75

    sehr gute ideen sehr einfallsreich und sehr kreativ guter artikel

  • Bill

    His works is well executed. Nice style of art.

  • Elija

    Cool! especially the quick brown fox.

    • insic2.0

      yes Elija I like it too.

  • Chris

    very talented.

  • teddy

    I appreciate his Tee designs.

  • arnold

    He’s artwork kinda reminds of cartoon in nickelodeon

  • chad manzo

    aren’t you sweet? salamat brader!