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SimplyMinimal: Free XHTML/CSS Template

Jul 09, 2009 insic 28 Comments

free xhtml and css template
After posting the free PSD version of this template. I received few email requesting its XHTML/CSS version. So here it is, plus the other 4 pages.





See this template ported to WordPress at Leland’s portfolio Site.

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  • Ashish Lohorung Rai

    That is good design but i think it is too minimalistic…. anyways keep it up

  • Deluxe Interactive

    nice & tidy especially the code. good job -_+

  • Katty

    good job! I like the simple look for this design.

  • Topics


  • 蜗牛设计

    very good.thanks

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  • Moe Zainal

    well done!
    Clean simple and easy on the eyes. xx

  • Anto

    This has been ported to wordpress and will be released soon i think. I will leave a comment if no one beats me to it first :P

    None the less, nice job with this, and can we expect to see more clean designs like this?

  • Anto

    I think you need to fix your comments styling. Its showing like this.

  • insic2.0

    @Anto We look forward on your wordpress version of these theme.

    And yes Ive noticed that css bug too in Chrome and IE :) I will fix it soon as possible I have time.

  • Anto

    Wont be mine, will be Lelands ;)

    And it also shows like that in FF as well.

  • insic2.0

    @Anto fixed it. :)

  • abdelah


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  • joe

    hi..great tutorial, can i use your template for my blogs? and please visit my blog and kindly give me a brief review of it..thx very much

  • insic

    @joe yes you can do it :)

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  • Sumeet Chawla

    Hey great stuff insic.. Even I coded few psds to xhtml/css and made them available for download but my templates do not contain all the pages.. Just the home page and a sub page. Your template contains all the pages, a Jquery fader and even the contact form! hehe Great job :)

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  • Shubham

    A very nice share…loved the design….!

  • ludo

    It’s just what i need : minimalist and simple. Thanks.

  • sujiong

    very good.

  • html5

    useful info. thanks..soon:)

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  • Ana Sriwahyuni

    nice works, simple and minimalist..