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SimplyMinimal: Free PSD Template

Jul 07, 2009 insic 18 Comments

simply minimal : free psd template

I was having troubled sleeping last night thinking a lot things need to be done. I don’t have the right mode to code, so I open my Photoshop and create a web template. My goal this time is to create a minimal looking template. This is what I came up. You can download the PSD file if you want.

SimplyMinimal Free psd template

Download the PSD file here:


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  • James

    Nice templates! Thanks.

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  • Richard S Davies

    Very nice template, thanks!

  • Topics


    Very nice template, thanks!

  • itlivewire

    @insic do you have a css version of this design?

  • Deluxe Interactive

    Nice work. i heart Minimalistic designs.

  • Meshach

    Nice, thanks! :)

  • insic2.0

    @itlivewire next post would be the xhtml + css version of the template including the pages.

  • Jack

    This is very nice as well, I am thinking of redesigning my site in this style some day. Thanks a lot.

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  • Koji @ ecover software

    Hello thank you very much for your template! Nice and simple! I’ll download it!

  • Liam

    Has definatly worked for me, any1 else things the same.

  • swanie

    insic … strange question, i know … but what’s the theme of the red/tan website in the preview?

    - swanie

    • insic2.0

      ahh yes thats the mock up I made for my client. :) Not yet live and i think thats not the one choosen by her. :)

  • swanie

    hi insic,

    thanks for your reply … did you make a wordpress theme of it?

    - swanie

  • insic2.0

    @swanie yes someone did. I do code the XHTM and CSS. and one of my reader import it to wordpress. Go here you will see a link to a wordpress version of this template :)

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