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Stunning Illustrations of Female Game Character (CAUTION: They are HOT!)

Jun 19, 2009 insic 27 Comments

Hot Female game character

In this collections of arts I will be featuring female game characters a HOT female game character in particular lol. This is a source of inspiration in my own opinion. Let go with the list.

Paine One Winged Angel

Paine One Winged Angel

Lara Croft Dirty Job

Lara Croft Dirty Job

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart



Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui



Sakura Sunshine – SF Capcom

Sakura Sunshine

Kitana – Mortal Combat


Sophitia Alexandra (Soul Calibur)

Sophitia Alexandra

Valeera Saguinar (WOW)

Valeera Saguinar (WOW)

Mage : hubby’s chara (WOW)

Mage : hubby's chara

Ayumi – X-BLADE

Ayumi X-Blade


Chun li

FF13 Fanart

YUNA of Final Fantasy


Christie Monteiro – Tekken


Anna Williams- Tekken

Anna Williams



FFX Rikku Soldier


Now its your turn to tell me who is the hottest female game character? Drop me a comment.

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  • Katty

    wow! they are hot indeed. Tifa is the best!

  • Wardell

    Very cool illustrations I think Tifa is the best to followed by Christie

  • Sohbet Muhabbet

    vay vay vay!!! super. Thanks..

  • shine

    I am your fan!

  • Abderrahmane TAHRI JOUTI

    Yooooooooow !!
    for real they are Hot ^^ And Tifa is the best :)

  • Richard S Davies

    Very nice!

  • Jack

    Some of the image links broke. Please check if the source images are still available. Thanks. They are absolutely hot.

  • g

    Kitana, Chun Li, Anna Williams and, especially, Ayumi are really HOT!!! lol
    Thank you for such a beatiful list!!!

  • aristo

    Nice, i will suggest Aeon Flux

  • Jack

    And I think you can put some of the KOF girls on as well.

  • insic

    @Jack Thanks for the suggestions. I will look for a girl from king of fighters.

  • أضف موقعك

    very good
    is the best
    Thank you


    Fantastic, amazing…This picture are really hot..and my immagination is over the top!!! Thanks a lot! ;)

  • WPThemeBuilder

    Wow, fantastic work ;)

  • deepak

    good collection…tifa is top in my list, nina willlams in tekken is second

  • http://artist ramaraju

    this is ramaraju.ur works good.i am ur fane.i waiting for good job.i can do digitalpainting,canvas painting,3d qulification B F A.than q.

  • Phey

    Wewwww,,,good stufffffffff, could you imagine if they’re here…ma’nyosssss

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  • Cre8ive Commando

    Nice post! My favourite is Tifa!I did a similar post a while ago. You can check out my post here: Digital Art and illustrations of the 50 hottest video game girls

  • umit

    Amazing Works..

    I love artgerm works :)

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  • oyunlar 1

    really hot =)

  • Kadar

    Thats really cooool!!!!!

  • Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    The Tifa Lockhart images are amazing…This is a list of hot femme fatals captured in their ravishing best…Enjoyed this post all through…

  • Sketis

    Nice collection. To bad most pics have the focus on makeing the boobs as big as possible. Ruins alot of them.

    Other than that. Great.

  • syncdatabit

    I like the simple YUNA. :-)

  • html6game

    Hah! Really pretty, looks very professional.