Free 3D social media icon set #3 – by AJI

Jun 08, 2009 insic 38 Comments

3d icon set

Check out the 3rd sets of 3D social media icons from Aji Designs.

3d icons sets

If you have any suggestions of icons you want to add just drop a comment here. :)

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    Nice… ;) I wait this…sorry but I lost the icon by facebook? ;) thanks a lot!!!

  • Dario Gutierrez

    Great icons and very cool thanks.

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  • Rafael Nascimento Sampaio

    Like a 3d work its is really impressive, u should think about make a wallpaper pack or something with this images, who knows some photoshop can help afterall.

    If u du that keep me informed!

  • Daniel

    Really cool, love it! Very unique and especially delicious works great!

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  • Free Vector

    Nice icons,  Thank you so much.

  • Free Vector

    Nice icons, Thank you so much.

  • catalinarum

    While very well.

  • Kim Randall

    I love these!

  • أضف موقعك

    Thank you
    very good

  • 2bnat

    thanks! this might be helpful someday…

  • Offshore Outsourcing

    Nice stuff indeed! Amazing icons, Thanks.

  • wowcss

    wow..these are nice..chcek these also for absolutely free

  • The Short Master

    Thanks for the Icons set, they are good and can be helpful.

  • Tari Akpodiete

    these are some of the most amazing icons i have EVER seen. i’m downloading sets 1-3 and keeping my fingers crossed for icons for PayPal, Vimeo, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

    • pj

      Amazing icons thanks you so much Aji.

      I second Tari and I would also add – Tumblr.

      Fingers crossed!

  • Rakhi to India

    Nice icons. I really like these 3d icons.

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  • denbagus

    great icon..thank you

  • Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    Very colorful and good effects…Wonderful concepts…I loved the each and every icon; they were amazingly designed…Thanks for sharing this post…

  • Logon suunnittelua

    Great work.

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  • Ganesh

    Great work here. Can this be used for commercial projects? What is the copyright license?

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  • WPClubs

    awesome collection of 3D icons, Thanks!

  • Daniel

    Hy, nice icons, but where it is the facebook icon? thenk you@

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  • p30room

    Please upload again
    Thank you

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  • Hemang Shah

    Amazing 3d Icon I see here and I loved to develop innovative idea.

  • Afixi Technologies

    really amazing 3D icons.. these icons are saying the creativity of the developers.

  • Halwits IT Solutions

    All the social media 3D icons design are fabulous. This set of 3D icons are very unique and have a great look. Thanks a lot for posting its downloading link.

  • Hilfan

    I can’t find megaupload, is there any others server?

  • hanalee

    Please upload again
    Thank you