3D look and folded effect trend in web design

May 22, 2009 insic 21 Comments

3d look header

One of the trends that I notice in web design is the 3D look and folded effect. Here I showcase to you a list of sites that has the style I mentioned.

CSS Tricks






sourcebits – tangled decals

sourcebits - tangled decals




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  • Benjamin Reid

    I really like these 3D effects coming round the side of the pages and actually used it when designing my past few websites. It sure does bring that extra bit of life to the page.

    I’ve never seen anything like though. Must check it out.

    Be nice to hear your thoughts on the style Insic.

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  • Joost Kiens

    Ooohhh nice round-up. Going to play around with this.
    Cool stuff. Thanks

  • Hobosic

    Hi, Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  • Hezi – WOW!

  • orphicpixel

    as usual nice collective ideas

  • Richard S Davies

    Very nice collection, I really like that Build Conference website. You tempted to get any 3d elements here?


    sourcebits – tangled decals is my preferite! Amazing!! i like this graphic! ;)  INSIC 2.0 u r the best! thanks a lot!!!!!

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  • Gaya

    Thanks for the include! Really appreciate it :)

  • Gareth Hardy

    Inspiring :)

  • Jack

    These are very useful.

  • tina

    i really like this…thank you for sharing!

  • The Gruvster

    I built my site like a shelf.  Check it out.  The Gruvster

  • insic2.0

    @The Gruvster Nice Work. :)

  • Ryan Hamilton

    Tried this trend out on as well.

  • I Love My Work

    wow, these are really inspiring design.
    have seen most of them but really enjoy seeing them again and again.
    nice list.

  • BG Web Design

    Nice roundup of sites. I have also noticed this trend poping up as of lately. I think I might have to give it a shot for my new redesign to add that extra flovor!!!

  • Ovi Dogar

    Great source of inspiration… Thanks for sharing! ;)

    Ovi Dogar

  • lebisol

    Please don’t be inspired by trends. At lest 1 good thing comes out of these designs….no more ’rounded edges’. :)

  • Molly

    How to Get the Most Out of PSD-to-HTML Slicing Services ?