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INSIC WP – Free WordPress Theme

Apr 01, 2009 insic 131 Comments

insic wp theme

My very first wordpress theme available for free. I think there’s no fancy about this theme, so there nothing to say a lot. lol If you think this is good for you then hit the download.

The only thing you need to do to make this theme work like in the demo. You must add a custom field on your every post name it “Thumbnail” (note its case sensitive), then add the link of your image in the value field. Thats it and you’re good to go.

Learn more about the pros and cons of responsive design to make an outstanding website design.

Feel free to drop me a comment for your questions and suggestions. And subscribe to my rss feed for more free themes to come.

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  • Vladimir

    Looks quite nice. Only one thing I would improve a bit. Borders around posts could be a bit more visible. Not flashy, just a tad more light, as now, they are barely seen and thus erase that visual limit.

    But then again, that is just me. Overall looks awesome.

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  • http::// Arnold Gamboa

    On Safari 4 (Mac OS X), the “Read more” on boxes creates 2 lines.

  • Jeremy Worboys

    I get the same problem as Arnold (also running Safari 4b on OS X).

    The only improvement I could suggest would be to pause the scroller when the mouse is hovering it.

    Otherwise, you have done a wonderful job.

  • insic2.0

    @Arnold @Jeremy the read more box is now fix i think. :)

  • Jeremy Worboys

    Yep, well done once more.

  • CarlosB

    This is a nice professional looking theme.
    Good work!

  • Twen

    Amazing Work Thankssss

  • Ara

    Nice theme, thanks for making it as a free :) Anw, featured area, is it using coda slider?

  • Alvaro

    Like it! I’m downloading it… I’ll use it of course but maybe must edit something like background colors, may I edit the theme? thanks for the awesome freebie

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  • insic2.0

    @Alvaro sure you can edit it. :)

  • insic2.0

    @Ara yes its codaslider

  • Jack

    Very nice, looking forward to seeing more!!

  • Alvaro

    @insic awesome! thanks!!! looking forward for the next theme :D

  • insic2.0

    @Jack Thanks, yes i have some more

    @Alvaro looking forward for your redesigned theme.

  • frinndaed

    Cool. i like it.. well done.

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  • Directory marocplus


  • Carlo

    pretty awesome theme..

  • Sam

    I love it. good work!

  • Sunny

    I am not able to use featured gallery work . Plus featured articles are not sliding man . help me

  • insic2.0

    @Sunny create a “Featured Articles” category. Note this is case sensitive. Then add your post to this category. Hope it helps.

  • mupet

    cool, clean and look quite nice

  • salah


  • Johnson Koh

    I like this. Thanks for sharing it :D
    It’s beautiful with the neat layout.
    Looking forward to your next work!

  • JR

    all I can say is thanks… you helped me from having my brain explode (in terms of the whole blog building). You captured everything i wanted to do and made it simple.

    just a couple things:

    1. i cant seem to implement a page navigation at the bottom of the index page (similar to what your running, any tips would be awesome).

    2. i know of codaslider but how do i go about changing the settings for it (like i want to set on mouseover its stops and also maybe have it run with a longer delay), i couldnt really tell from looking at the js files. (sorry noob in the house)

    and last thanks again for the awesome theme.

    ps. hopefully i dont gut it like the last theme i was working with.

  • Acejunjie Designs

    Nice theme, great work! ^_^

  • Mike

    Great theme, thanks for sharing!

  • Fábio Silva

    With the theme Insic, I change some permission, I ask this because of my server, when sending the issue to him the pictures do not appear, but on localhost everything works correctly.

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  • Dizhak Vasyl

    can we get a pure html version of this template?

  • insic2.0

    @Dizhak Vasyl yes you can. :)

  • insic2.0

    @Fábio Silva I have sent you an email. Hope it helps.

  • Mahdi Al-Farra

    Great theme, I got a few problems in viewing the theme, check this picture:
    Hope to tell me how to fix this?

  • insic2.0

    @Mahdi Al-Farra You need to create a “Featured Articles” category. :) Then add your post to this category so that it will appear in the slideshow.

  • Mahdi Al-Farra

    Thanks again, but why you didn’t mention that? or it’s so obvious and am so noob XD ?

  • leandro

    pretty and smart! Do you wanna marry me?!

  • http://[email protected] leandro

    great theme I’m gonna use it.
    But I think the search would be more useful if it was on the header, there is a big blank space there!! and the search button should be other color…

    But in general it is beautiful and clean!
    kisses from Brazil!

  • Web Design Quote

    I like this theme. I am looking for some good stuff for my new project and that i found at your blog.Keep sharing the more good theme.

  • Topics


  • 3faycom

    nice professional looking theme.
    Good work!

  • Mahdi Al-Farra

    I’ve done some edits on it,

    Visit my blog to see it in action.

    PS, I didn’t remove the real designer name.

  • insic2.0

    @Mahdi Al-Farra very nice :)

  • Luglio7

    I really like it, very very good work !

  • web development

    Nice work, I want to work like this how can its possible i want to desing blog look like a web site model is it possible  and which way i will going to design.thank you for providing here.

  • Web Tasarim

    Thank you very much.

  • Renato

    Um ótimo theme
    muito bom

  • jeebanz


  • elcodigodebarras

    Is an awesome and clean work but is more amazing when you discover this premmium theme…for free!

    Thanks for sharing this and make an Internet more friendly for all who we have not your skills.

    Thanks again Insic2.0.

  • Shibi Kannan

    Very nice theme I just found by random search in google. I found one issue with the slider in safari. The thumbnails seem to crowd the overall display area and the text part is hidden by them. Some positioning problems with various areas can be removed by using a safari only conditional stylesheet just like how you do it for ie6. 
    Keep up the good work

  • insic2.0

    @Shibi Kannan what version of Safari you are using? and in what OS? its working fine here :)

  • kylegaze

    Nice Theme, just have a problem with the slider, i already have a Featured Articles category, and the post works fine, but the slider didint work.. any ideas? thanks..

  • Graham

    Hi There
    Beautiful theme but WP won’t let me use it. It says it needs a stylesheet. Any ideas?

  • Graham

    The file says Style.php in the file manager but there is no stylesheet. I have downloaded it and installed again just in case but same problem. Pity
    Good luck with the theme

    • insic2.0

      @Graham Thats strange. Maybe the stylesheet is not in the theme DIR.

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  • Art

    Hello, i cant seam to find any documentation for it? Im not a pro at wordpress and need some help with the top slideshow etc.. Post images and stuff.
    Thank you,

  • Art

    problem solved :D hehe sorry i didnt read all the comments, thanks Insic! its amazing.

  • SiteBilgileri

    a great theme, thank you very much.

  • Yatrik

    Nice work. Thanks for posting.

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  • d65blade

    This is very nice. Thanks for this freebie. If ever I use your work, I’ll advise you so you could see it. Thanks again insic!

  • Youtube Gir

    This is a nice professional looking theme.
    Good work!

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  • Tema İndir

    Nice work. Thanks for posting.

  • Lloyd

    Very nice theme. Awesome job considering it is your 1st theme!

  • Aşk

    I really like it, very very good work !

  • Misstycoon

    Help !

    I have these same errors as Mahdi ;

    my erros are exactly the same and I have ensured to add the category Featured Articles and still its the same !

    Pls Help as I want to change my them to this one its so nice !

  • insic

    @Misstycoon You need to create a “Featured Articles” category. :) Then add your post to this category so that it will appear in the slideshow.

  • Dimas

    Fancy … very nice insic, give us more!

  • Roger


    I have added the “Featured Articles” but the slideshow don’t appears…
    Have another config or a special way to add images?

  • Roger
  • Roger

    Sorry, i don’t read the initial instructions…
    Thanks for the beautiful theme….

  • qoman

    thank for wp theme that is very nice

  • Ambo

    Very nice design. I’ll use it in one of my blogs. Thanks and keep up!

  • leandro

    I need your help

    I’m making other site using this theme, everything was good on localhost, but now the Featured Articles slider is not runnig! no erro mensages, nothig…


    Do you have any ideia?? Thanks, from Brazil.

  • the great zeee

    thanks for the layout. i added older and newer page links on the front and next and previous post on single posts. keep up the good work

  • Burak


    I want to ask a question. I really liked your theme and I decide to use it in my techno news website. I edited it and now it is completely changed. Thanks for your theme :) Can I delete link in footer? If you don’t let, I won’t delete it.

    Best regards, Burak.

  • Albi

    The theme is good, but You’re very sexy. Much sexier than the theme!

  • Kaavs

    It’s a great template. But I was not able to get the posts in the “Featured Articles” section up and running. Please help me!!

  • Koca Mustafa Pasa

    Great theme, thank you very much.

  • Koca Mustafa Pasa

    Nice work. Thanks for posting.

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  • ali

    very good for free wordpress themes

  • martin

    maybe i´m blind but i can´t find a function to change the gold “Premium Like Free Worpress Theme” under the logo.
    someone can help?


  • martin

    got it^^

    i´m soooo blind!

    thanx for that really nice theme

  • Rinewalt

    Yuppie… definitely right…. as a designer.. must know how to code… coz you’ll have a idea how to optimize your design… wock and woll….

  • Drew

    The rotating banner image doesn’t work it’s just a black box… What gives? No instructions, no nothing.

    Anyone know what to do

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  • Ari Salomon

    great work. are you available for hire to customize this theme?

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  • ajay


  • Minuscurl

    I add your theme on a french blog, maybe if I have time to translate it, I share to you too :)

    byebye ;)

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  • Club Penguin

    I’m using this on a blog of mine now, I love it.

  • http://Website(optional) Zerikole

    Да я тоже согласен с Вами, действительно для людей.

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  • Tyson F. Gautreaux

    Perfect work!

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  • inty


    Currently I’m testing your theme for the blog of a friend, his current theme already uses a function “Thumbnail”.

    When I activate your theme an error message appears instead of thumbnail.
    The message is:
    phpThumb () v1.7.8-200709161750
    Error opening “”
    403 Forbidden

    The folder that contains the images have the rights: 700
    The thumbnail have a current resolution of 235×150.
    Have you any idea?

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  • css教程

    so beautiful!

  • club penguin

    Very nice theme, I might use it for a streaming or video blog.

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  • Noypi

    It’s cool. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dragonsord

    Thank you for this amazing free theme. It was exactly what I was looking for. I do have a slight problem tho. The slider works only it is not showing the images it is showing the blog. Not really what was intended. I placed the link of the image I wanted to use but it is not showing up, just text. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Yoshiiro

    i’ve meet the same problem, and with the new version of php you need to fix the phpThumb who made some error.

    There is a fix on sourceforge, you need to replace the older files phpThum on the director. /wp-content/theme/insicthemename/phpThum/

    Links :

    I’ve made it and it’s work very well.

  • Alessandro

    It’s not bad at all! did you use only Photoshop? Any other tool?

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  • Prince Wale

    nice work bro, this very perfect job

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