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Sep 24, 2008 insic 4 Comments is one of my personal top visited site. I cant stop to visit it almost every 2 hours a day or much more often. Especially by the time when the author Padraic Brady featured a series of his Zend Framework Blog Tutorial. Its a very detailed tutorial about building a blog application from scratch using the Zend Framework. Unfortunately when i visit his site a while ago I discovered that his site doesn’t exist anymore. I thought it was moved somewhere to a new domain name, but I search hard in google, I used every possible keyword, Unfortunately I found nothing but a cache and a community forums looking for the mentioned Blog Application tutorial.

Luckily I have the copy of whole series. Im not sure if i have to do this, but for the help to somebody who is looking for it, I have the complete series of the tutorial. If someone says or if I found out that its really lot of people need the article. I think I spend time to upload it in my blog.

Did I mention that i have the whole series?

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  • Skyblaze

    Great! I also try to open Astrum futura everyday but it is always the same story…the site is not available. Here in this blog i see only 4 parts of the original series….will you publish the entire series soon? Thank you

  • Sheriff McLawDog

    I was also disappointed a while ago when I found the site had disappeared, as I was following the ZF tutorials.

    It looks as though the subversion repo is still online though:

  • insic2.0

    Yes, ive recently notice that also. Good thing for those who need the files.

  • Shared hosting

    Interesting article, adding it to my favourites!